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SNCF 241.A.1 - The Greatest Locomotive Ever Built & Chapelon -- 112713by rogerc


‘To give this [claim] some scale, the French Loading Gauge is only slightly bigger that the British one, so you can draw a reasonably valid comparison between something like the British Coronation Scot and Chapelon’s 242.A.1. In terms of power output the Coronation Scot could produce around 2,500 Horsepower, and that on a bit of a transitory basis – Chapelon’s 242.A.1 could produce in excess of 4,000 Horsepower continuously. The French engine used around 20% less coal and around 40% less Continue Reading »


THE Post-modern Vision of Hell

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Languid, sceptical, a sublime post-modernist & apostle of relentless relativism in all things, the Londoner of to-day is the type of urbane & abstract Terrene man at his apotheosis & on the eve of his destruction:


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[17 November 2013]

Signage & Information in the London Underground

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[shown below is the Edwardian Chalk Farm tube station]

Chalk Farm tube station -- 111713This web log is by an Englishman, Mr Doug Rose, who is interested in the logic of signage & information design, notably in the layout of the London Underground:


He writes: 

‘I am fascinated by human reasoning of graphic information in all its manifestations: forms, maps, signs, instructions, book layouts, all of it. I am just as interested in the logic (or commonly the lack of it) of Continue Reading »

The London Underground

The London Underground

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Metroplitan 1 -- 111713The London Underground which Charles Pearson commenced building in 1860 was fortuitous in History, and not only in aiding transport congestion in & out of the Victorian City; by 1940, lines ran two & three deep, and thus Londoners had a shelter from Heinie bombs that might as well have been purpose-built & was simply another one in the eye for the dreadful &  unprepossessing little ravine German, A Hitler, after he’d already managed to lose for his fool self  the aerial Battle in the Autumn before the Blitz:


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[17 November 2013]

UP “Big Boy” 4014 Restoration Project

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THIS development will just make poor old Mr Senator Vice-President Al “Internet” Gore haul out his hair in bunches!



All I can say is that it is greatly to be desired one day to restore — even to rebuild from scratch! — A Norfolk & Western Y6b 2-8-8-2; the N&W Chesapeake-types were far more Continue Reading »

1949 Oldsmobile Rocket V-8 Engine 303 CID 135 HP fvl - Ford Museum -- 0920131949 Olds Rocket 88 303 CID V8 Weight-To-Power Ratio

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A bitty little piece of research by me here…




…shows that the 1949 “303” [303.7 ” — ed] cubic-inch-displacement Oldsmobile Rocket V8 is reported to have weighed 671 pounds; now, since the unit also is reported to have produced 135 horsepower, this puts the weight-to-power ratio at Continue Reading »

The 1949 Olds Rocket 88

1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 -- 091813The 1949 Olds Rocket 88

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Here is the lowdown in three parts on the 1949 Olds Rocket 88!




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