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…These Men

by Bodwyn Wook

Study the faces of these men in this picture taken in the Summer of 1949 on the CGW RR, down in Illinois. 

They are a mixture of perhaps two or three veterans of World War II, and the faces of men of the American half-generation before the so-called “greatest generation” who fought that war. 

They are the faces of an old American and, so, an old Atlantic type of man. 

They are working men, men shown here at work on the railroad. 

It is a scene from the late-modern age now over. 

In it we see exactly some American men whose own parents perhaps had (more…)


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by Bodwyn Wook

This shadowy and cathedral-lighted image of the parked Union Pacific “Challenger” 3982 & “Big Boy” 4003 is by Joe G Collias…I think.  I use it as a screensaver and copped it at steamlocomotive.com.  All that is missing is the tuxedo roundhouse cat, Mr Tim Bob!  My pop carried me on his shoulders once in 1952 or so through such a place in (more…)

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by Engineman Preserved Wook

I enjoy this obviously staged picture no end!

It is from Norfolk & Western: Giant Of Steam, Jeffries’s great history [Pruett Publishing Company, 1980], and it shows the new production of the railroad’s own Roanoke Shops, in 1943.  It appears to be warm weather and so the picture dates no later than a scant twenty-one months after Pearl Harbor.  Doubtlessly it was a picture made both to build up the public mood and to irk Hitler.  1943 is perhaps the year of warfare in the late-modern age now over, writes historian emeritus John Lukacs, in which (more…)

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Fine Art

by Engineman Wook

This image of a Union Pacific poster, apparently from the 1940s, is one of the few examples of American railroad fine art I’ve snared in the web yet.  It is full of the influence of Edward Hopper, an American painter of the same era.  As I am a fanatic devotee of both Hopper and the chiaroscuro of Italian and French baroque painting of three hundred and fifty or so years before Hopper, I can see that this, too, is great art.

[Engineman Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[7 March 2010]

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by Engineman Preserved Wook

“LZ-129 and its sister ship, LZ-130, are still the largest objects ever to fly!”  [Dan, at Airships.net — PW]

I have posted information here about the Zeppelins before, and now have in hand this missive from Dan at Airships.net:

“Dear Airships.net reader,

“If you have enjoyed visiting Airships.net, I would like to ask for your support…not by donating money, but simply by posting a link.  March 4 is the anniversary of the Hindenburg’s first flight, and March 23 is the anniversary of the ship’s first passenger flight, both in 1936!

“To help others learn more about this famous (and tragic) Zeppelin, if you have a blog or a website, would you be willing to post a link to the following URL?”


“I have tried to (more…)

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