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Pacific 231

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'Pacific 231', par Honegger -- 083113

Stanley Kubrick est censé avoir dit qu’il considérait cette dix minutes de film français impressionniste, basé sur un mouvement symphonique d’Arthur Honegger, d’être parmi des plus parfaitement édité:

Pacific 231, par Jean Mitry (1949):


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[31 Août 2013]


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Le 240-P du Midi-S.N.C.F.

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SNCF 4-8-0 5-240P with larger-bogie tenders -- 083113

[Midi-SNCF 4-8-0 5-240-P avec des offres à plus grande bogies – 083113

Ce lien est typiquement français dans sa rigueur.

Il s’agit d’une page pour les amateurs de trains miniatures et il donne l’histoire technique complète du jouet montré à vendre!


Ces Français 4-8-0 ont été conçus par André Chapelon et sont considérés (more…)

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De la Plaque de Pied…Paris.Havre.New York -- 083113

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De la plaque de pied, la meilleure séquence dans cinéma de la fin du moderne de fonctionnement de la locomotive à vapeur:


Trajet Paris – Le Havre par le rail en 1938 reconstitué à partir d’extraits du film de Jean (more…)

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enlarged schematic of the D&H Colonie Shops -- 082913The D&H Colonie Shops

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The D&H is one of my great RR favorites, not least because of the remarkable high-pressure series of incredible luggers that President Leonor F Loree promoted for such a good long time after other lines had gone to articulation, whether compound as in the case of the truly engineered N&W Y-series Chesapeakes; or, indeed, the cruder & more brutally powerful & fuel-extravagant C&O 2-6-6-6s & UP 4-8-8-4s.

This shows some of the shopwork behind the “Bridge Line” RR’s pre-Depression great success:


[Engineman Wook

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[29 August 2013]


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My 1979 B&N (“Booze & Narcotics”) RR Tie Gang # 978 Summer Tour in the NE Panhandle

by Engineman Wook

Railroad yard, Alliance, NE -- 082813

[the aerial view is of the Alliance RR yards of today]

WE actually had teeshirts that read ” — The Rest, We’re The BEST”.  Wearing THIS garment with the actual gang number & RR logo on it would get you fired if you didn’t have your ninety days in & dues paid — and, even so, you STILL couldn’t have it on at work.  Fortunately, all of the Division officials were these wormy (more…)

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Some Steam Video-Links I’ve Enjoyed Again, This Week

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1)  PRR J1’s and Santa Fe 2-10-4’s at Sandusky, Ohio (1956)

I remember steam locomotives at work in the St Paul, MN, railroads yards in the early 1950s — inescapably, I do really just plain find it hard to believe we are still THIS powerful a country:


2)  The Pennsylvania Railroad

THIS narrator sounds like…William S (more…)

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Steam Railroading & Silent Movies

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[Helen Holmes being NOT thrown to her death again, in Episode 13, 1915.]The Hazards of Helen, Episode 13, 1915 -- 082213

Early cinema art and railroad settings were a natural combination as shown by these two links to a couple of silent black-and-white two-reelers.

First is Hazards of Helen, Episode 26 …”We All Smoke!”



Oh, Christ…Our Gang playing in…the RR yards…1924!


The Hazards of Helen film evidently involved motive (more…)

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