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by Engineman Preserved Wook

Minnesota’s Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railroad owned 18 Yellowstone type 2-8-8-4 simple articulated engines.  These were iron ore haulers between the northern Minnesota mines and Lake Superior docks.  Interestingly, Richard Leonard in his fine railroad website


points out the DM&IR design was based not on the Northern Pacific’s original Yellowstones, but on a Western Pacific 2-8-8-2 type.  DM&IR No 235, shown here in an image from Leonard’s website, in a mid-1950s photo of unknown origin, belonged to the second group delivered by Baldwin in 1943 as class M4.


Weighing 628,700 pounds without their 4-10-0 centipede-type tenders, the M4s delivered 140,000 pounds of tractive effort.  They had 63-inch disc drivers and four 26×32-inch cylinders, and sustained 240 pounds (more…)


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