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Brand New!

by Engineman Wook


This photo copyrighted by The Telegraph

The UK Tornado-Peppercorn Pacific-type steam locomotive shown above has just (more…)


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“Wheels Of Steel”

by American Engineman Preserved Wook



England’s LNER Mallard Locomotive Going To Beat Hell…Even At Rest! 

Learn More At…  http://www.nrm.org.uk/collections/loco/mallard.asp

And these are links below to the five parts of the old Learning Channel “EXTREME MACHINES” – “WHEELS of STEEL” show.

“WHEELS of STEEL” 1/5 includes film showing England’s LNER  Mallard locomotive underway while setting the unbroken (more…)

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by Engineman Preserved Wook

So coal- and oil-fired locomotives are a thing of the past, eh? 

122108-5at-locomotive  Robin Barnes — http://www.robinbarnes.net/

Maybe, maybe not.  Remember the old saying from your young salad beatnik days in the ’60s, “What goes around…eventually runs straight up your hind leg and bites you right smack dab in the kiester!”  So check out  this link:


The only thing is, I would go for a steam turbine.  Not as romantic as a lot of shiny pushrods flailing around and around, but even more (more…)

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