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Voices From The Past:   PRR Engineman Preserved Wook

by Joseph Curwen
070609-prr-engineman-preserved-wook1“‘Global Warming’ you say?  And the government be in on it too?  Well, goodness gracious, count me in, where do I sign up for mine?  What’s that…NOT to burn coal you say?  How’s that again, but just how ever in Tophet do you propose getting to (more…)

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All Aboard!

by Engineman Preserved Wook

Well now, this is to say howdy-do and inaugurate something new in the way of a web blog for railfans! 

070609 PRR Engineman Preserved Wook

Engineman Wook is all about mainly North American steam locomotives and railroading during the LAST Steam Age.  We’ll pretty much just follow our noses and go where the reading and remembrance takes us. 

This means a few airplanes and such have sneaked in, too!

But don’t you worry about that, we’ll make plenty of excursions all the way around this old transportation World, too, before we’re done with it all….

Most of all I want you to know that this ain’t just about some pretty pictures (mainly they belong to other folks anyway, and so I’ll try to be sure to attribute them to the right sources, YOU write in and let me know if I hit a miss now!)  We are also going to make an effort around here, also, to understand some of the finer points of how these here engines actually WORK.  That’s because if you’re like I am you want to KNOW what “equalizers between driving axles” are, not to mention ground-metal steam pipe joints.  And…. 

Why was a long cylinder-feed cutoff of eighty or 90 % of stroke optimum to get the girl rolling and keep her going? 

How’s come duplex engines driven by 4 cylinders was limited to ONLY five-coupled driver sets?

And just what is the difference anyway between a rotary and turbine steam engine?  

It’s things like that that need to be learned and remembered about, so we can do it all again some day when we have to…once the boys get this “global warming” foolishment out of their heads.  Now, though, for starters I will be switching over to these pp some earlier railroad & locomotive write ups from the web log of that rattlehead nephew of mine, Bodwyn.  All about old favorites like the Union Pacific “Big Boys,” you’ll see…! 

[Preserved Wook

[all rights reserved

[21 October 2009]

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