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Minneapolis-Moline JetStar TWO -- 081913.jpqMinneapolis Moline Tractors — It’s Just One MORE In The Eye For Them God-AWFUL Allises & PLUS, They Ain’t GREEN Neither!

posted by Cletus Wook out of Rabies Falls, Mn.

The picture is of a Minneapolis-Moline JetStar TWO tractor on display at the 26th Illiana Antique Power Exhibition near Rainsville, Indiana, 072107, and dating to approximately 1960.

Moving right along to the video-part, I do believe that these bastardly little old Minneapolis-Molines all-in-all pull pretty good:


And, this 1951 Z is real nice!


[Engineman Wook

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[19 August 2013]


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The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory

posted by Cletus Wook

The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory is legendary for systematically and uniformly testing performance and power-output of American farm tractors since 1920.  Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory pdfs for individual (more…)

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Farm Tractors & Implements As I Knew Them

by Cletus Wook

When I was a pup, John Deere in the 1960s got rid of their Johnny Pop tractor line & started building so-called “Second Generation” farm tractors.  I guess that means that I came up in the first one.  For starters, here are some (more…)

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