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by Bodwyn Wook

As described in Wikipedia…


…a screw-propelled vehicle is a land or amphibious vehicle designed to cope with difficult snow and ice or mud and swamp. Such vehicles are distinguished by being moved by the rotation of one or more auger-like (more…)


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by Emmett Smith


This picture from the Great Northern Railroad website at gngoat.org reminds me that when I was a little boy it was always Winter in Minnesota for some reason.  And, the railroad tracks showing through a fresh snowfall as shown here were, to me, the most mysterious things…these flimsy traces in the snow carried those huge (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook



It actually flies — see for yourself!


[Engineman Wook     all text-rights reserved     7 March 2009]

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by Bodwyn Wook


Again, the late-modern images below of the 1920s and 1930s, from the You Tube archives, speak for themselves, and as we behold them it is clear that the late-modern age, and all that late-modernity was, for us (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

Molly agrees a first flight but the instructor, Eddie Fulton, is so tedious she holds up her husband for a Moth of her own.  Molly IS a ‘clever girl!’


[Bodwyn Wook     all text-rights reserved     20 February 2009]

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by Bodwyn Wook

[a sequel to ‘The 1920s’ — ed]

‘Oh, Spanchetta, how was your golf outing?’


[more vintage aircraft pictures are to be seen at:  http://www.bamuseum.com/  ]

‘Wayness, you’ve no conception whatsoever of the utter futility of these men!  Horace quite bent the Moth on landing in France and I had to fly home in the Argosy…thank goodness for (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook (and a big phooey! to Edmund Wilson)



[DH60 Moth picture from the archives of:  http://www.dhmothclub.co.uk/  ]

…is charming — aeroplaneing for all!

‘Let’s go golfing, Dear!’

‘Oh, Darling, and then we can pop over to Le Toquet and dance the (more…)

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