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by Emmett Smith

070409 4004 under full steam making the grade on Sherman Hill trainweb.org -- 17

UNION Pacific RR Traindriver Magly Wook (a remote cousin of Old New England Engineman Preserved Wook, of the disgraced Minnesota Wooks):  “Al…Gore?  Nope, never heard of him.  Guess you got me on that one, son…I don’t believe I’d know the sonofabitch FROM (more…)


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by Engineman Wook

Here is a picture of the keyboard at the backhead of a Union Pacific “Big Boy” locomotive!


And if you click on this UP “Big Boy” #4014 backhead link below, you can use a cursor to identify various buttons:


[Engineman Wook    all text-rights reserved     5 March 2009]

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by Engineman Wook


More pictures like this can be found at  www.cbu.edu/~mcondren/UP-844/UP-844%20048-700.jpg

Skip Weythman (who in fact did NOT take the above picture!) is a video photographer who chases and films steam trains like some people hound down the highway after tornadoes!  Below are as many of his clips from YouTube, of  footage of Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Northern (more…)

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by Engineman Preserved Wook


This an expanded selection of moving picture and still footage available on YouTube, of the Union Pacific RR Big Boy (more…)

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by Preserved Wook

To anyone who grew up on the American prairie or high plains in the twentieth century, the song of the meadowlark recalls what we have lost in the name of what we have (more…)

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by Preserved Wook

Railfan Skip Weythman is right up there with the devoted people who chase tornadoes!

This long take of UP Northern 844 pulling the “Sooner Rocket” was made from a speeding (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

Here are YouTube clips from two fine pieces of digital work, by Skip Weythman.  The first is an extended take, of UP Northern 844, with her “Corn Belt Rocket” drag, hurtling eastbound in 2007 from Cheyenne to Sydney, NB, right down my old BN tie gang #978 Summer, 1979, hammer grounds:


And here is UP Challenger 3985, at 70 miles per too:


The interesting feature is (more…)

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