Flying the WW II TBF/TBM Avenger

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TBM-3Es, VC-22 over USS Coral Sea CVB-43 -- 080213

[TBM-3Es, VC-22 over USS Coral Sea CVB-43]

The video is a wartime training film and shows the operation of the torpedo-bomber flown by President George H W Bush when he was shot up by Jap ack-ack, went on to complete the bomb run of the target on Chijijima and then baled out several miles out to sea together with his two crew members, Radioman Second Class John Delaney and Lieutenant Junior Grade William White, on 2 September 1944:




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[2 September 2013]


Pacific 231

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'Pacific 231', par Honegger -- 083113

Stanley Kubrick est censé avoir dit qu’il considérait cette dix minutes de film français impressionniste, basé sur un mouvement symphonique d’Arthur Honegger, d’être parmi des plus parfaitement édité:

Pacific 231, par Jean Mitry (1949):


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Le 240-P du Midi-S.N.C.F.

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SNCF 4-8-0 5-240P with larger-bogie tenders -- 083113

[Midi-SNCF 4-8-0 5-240-P avec des offres à plus grande bogies – 083113

Ce lien est typiquement français dans sa rigueur.

Il s’agit d’une page pour les amateurs de trains miniatures et il donne l’histoire technique complète du jouet montré à vendre!


Ces Français 4-8-0 ont été conçus par André Chapelon et sont considérés Continue Reading »

De la Plaque de Pied…Paris.Havre.New York -- 083113

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De la plaque de pied, la meilleure séquence dans cinéma de la fin du moderne de fonctionnement de la locomotive à vapeur:


Trajet Paris – Le Havre par le rail en 1938 reconstitué à partir d’extraits du film de Jean Continue Reading »

enlarged schematic of the D&H Colonie Shops -- 082913The D&H Colonie Shops

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The D&H is one of my great RR favorites, not least because of the remarkable high-pressure series of incredible luggers that President Leonor F Loree promoted for such a good long time after other lines had gone to articulation, whether compound as in the case of the truly engineered N&W Y-series Chesapeakes; or, indeed, the cruder & more brutally powerful & fuel-extravagant C&O 2-6-6-6s & UP 4-8-8-4s.

This shows some of the shopwork behind the “Bridge Line” RR’s pre-Depression great success:


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[29 August 2013]


My 1979 B&N (“Booze & Narcotics”) RR Tie Gang # 978 Summer Tour in the NE Panhandle

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Railroad yard, Alliance, NE -- 082813

[the aerial view is of the Alliance RR yards of today]

WE actually had teeshirts that read ” — The Rest, We’re The BEST”.  Wearing THIS garment with the actual gang number & RR logo on it would get you fired if you didn’t have your ninety days in & dues paid — and, even so, you STILL couldn’t have it on at work.  Fortunately, all of the Division officials were these wormy Continue Reading »

Some Steam Video-Links I’ve Enjoyed Again, This Week

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1)  PRR J1’s and Santa Fe 2-10-4’s at Sandusky, Ohio (1956)

I remember steam locomotives at work in the St Paul, MN, railroads yards in the early 1950s — inescapably, I do really just plain find it hard to believe we are still THIS powerful a country:


2)  The Pennsylvania Railroad

THIS narrator sounds like…William S Continue Reading »